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Business Name Selective Vulnerability of Neurodegenerative Diseases
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Contact Name Lech Kaczmarczyk
Position (Director / Supervisor / etc) Walker Jackson
Website URL
Email lecka48(at)
Cell phone +46736569351
Office Address
Street Address IKE, Cellbiologen Plan 10
Linköpings universitet
581 85 Linköping
City / Town Linkoping
ZIP / Post Code 581 85
Country Sweden
About We use mouse genetic tools to understand how specific brain regions are affected by neurodegenerative processes. We also are interested in understanding how poor sleep affects the onset and progression of neurodegenerative disease. We address these problems by developing models of diseases and tools to study them. One of our main technical focuses in recent years is to study how gene regulation in specific cell types is affected by neurodegenerative disease and sleep loss, using genetically encoded tools and next generation sequencing techniques. Manipulation of gene sequence and activity with CRISPR/Cas based methods is also a strength of the lab.

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Aug-16-2019 Selective Vulnerability to Neurodegenerative Diseases
Posted By: Linköping University Category: Full-time
Genetic mutations causing neurodegenerative diseases remain silent for decades before disease develops. How does the brain resist the toxic protein fo...
Linköping, Sweden